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Nails & Pedicures

All Things Hands & Feet

Getting your nails done isn't just a matter of making your hands looking pretty, it can be a treatment in itself. 

Whether gel polish is your thing or you prefer to get extensions, we are always here for you.

Builder in a bottle (BIAB/Builder Gel) is a fantastic alternative to acrylic and can be kinder to your nails. With builder gel your natural nails can bend so no pressure is put on your nails. It can also be used to seal over (repair) a split or ripped nail, even out ridges so that gel polish looks smoother. We even have a selection of tinted builder gel so these are perfect as an overlay (when BIAB is applied to your own nails), or if you prefer, we can apply gel colour over the top). BIAB can even help your nails repair themselves. So as you see, it a fantastic product.

Acrylic extensions - acrylic nails are a mix of powder and liquid to form either an hardwearing overlay or extension. Clients generally require an infill every 2 to 3 weeks.

Polygel nails - this is a nail extension using a hybrid formula which could be compared to something between BIAB and Acrylic. Having the durability of acrylic and the flexibility of BIAB. Depending on your nail growth, a new application may be required every 2 - 4 weeks


Don't forget your hands too - why not have a Luxury Hand Treatment for an additional £4. Our hands suffer more because they are constantly exposed to the elements. Hands that feel dry or look 'crepy' can be rescued with this hand treatment

Or what about a pedicure - ohhh just to have someone pampering your feet for an hour or more, what could be better. Our feet suffer so much, carrying us around all day, tired feet, sore, aching feet? - isn't it time you treated them too

Can microdermabrasion be done on feet too? Absolutely, this treatment can give fantastic results on feet too. It takes a pedicure to another level

Nails & Pedicures: Services

  • Gel nails (new set) from £28

  • Gel Nails (with previous gel removal) £30

  • Gel removal with manicure £18

  • BIAB Overlays £34 (clear or tinted BOB)

  • BIAB Overlays with gel polish £38

  • BIAB Overlay Infills £32 (clear or tinted BOB)

  • BIAB Infills with gel polish £36

  • Art - extra charge - depending on design - when booking please specify what art you would like so that we can allocate enough time for your design and let you know the cost

Nails & Pedicures: Opening Hours

Nails by Emily

  • Acrylic extensions - from £40 (with plain gel colour)

  • Acrylic infills - from £36 (with plain gel colour)

  • BIAB overlay infills £32 (Clear or Tinted BOB)

  • BIAB overlay Infills with Gel polish £36

  • BIAB overlays £34 (Clear or TInted BOB)

  • BIAB overlays with gel polish £38

  • BIAB Removal £25

  • Gel nails (new set) from £28

  • Gel Nails (with previous gel removal) £30

  • Gel removal with manicure £18​​

Nail art - cost depends on the design. Please send you a photo or description of the design to 07935 892591 you require so that we can allocate enough time for your appointment and give you an estimated cost

Nails & Pedicures: Opening Hours

  • Footlogix Pedicure with Gel Polish £49

  • Footlogix Peducre (no polish) £38

  • Footlogix Pedicure (regular polish) £42

  • Connisseur Pedicure (microdermabrasion treatment) £58 (With gel polish £68)

Nails & Pedicures: Opening Hours
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