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A facial brush - is it worth getting one?

As you may know, I love all things about our skin and am always keen to try different gadgets to see if they are any good. So here is my review on this brush

The handle may look like an electric toothbrush with an on and off button so it works in a similar way. SImply press to switch on and press to turn off. But what is it for?

It is actually a cleansing brush for your face. Simply switch it on and move over your face but I would suggest using a cleanser on your skin first so there is no dragging of skin as you glide it over your face.

What will it help with? The vibration is actually quite nice and gentle, so as you move it over your skin, it will wake up the skin and encourage better circulation. It is perfectly normal to get some pinkness come to the surface, this is good to see as you know that the blood is circulating under the layers of skin so in turn this will encourage a good supply to the skin cells which in turn will then help to generate healthier skin cells (more collagen and elastic being produced).

I would suggest either popping some cleanser on the brush, put the brush next to your skin, then switch the power on OR put cleanser on your face, then apply the brush. This will help clean in all of those nooks and crannies - rinse off with warm water after. Then follow your normal skincare routine or serums, toner and moisturise.

So where can you get this from - heres a link to a couple similar to mine

Kerry x

Cassini Beauty & Treatment Rooms

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