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Why did I do what I did?

Before I opened the doors to my salon in 2019, I had been going trough a period of time when I didn't want to go out, I didn't want to see certain people because I had been experiencing a couple of issues at my current work place which had taken me to a dark place, so much so that I wanted avoid ANYONE who worked at the same work place. I won't go into more details about that, but am happy to share them with you, so please ask below.

Going back to before I had my children, I normally had facials at least once per month, why? not necessarily because I needed help with my skin but because that was my time to have a whole hour to myself and recharge my batteries. Just lying there for that time, not having to talk to anyone was pure bliss. There were times however, that a different therapist would do my facial and she would talk all the way through it. I didn't want that, I just wanted quiet, so that I could completely switch off. Then along came my children and my priorities had to change, so I stopped going for my treatments. Until more recently when I started going again because by this time, I NEEDED them !! I needed that time to relax and switch off but I wanted more than that. I have ALWAYS been interested in aromatherapy, theres just something about the different aromas which can calm you, energise you, relax you etc etc. During this time I had also started my own online business selling makeup and skincare which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I became a qualified makeup artist and was actually helping people while showing them how to apply makeup to enhance their own natural beauty. I believe that we all have our own kind of beauty BUT it starts from within. If we look and feel good on the inside then we will naturally look and feel better on the outside. So then along came my qualifications in facial treatments. From here I started treating clients for their skin concerns.

So following the period of sickness from my then place of work, I made the decision that I needed to take myself away from the issues which were making me ill. After much thought and consideration and at the age of 49, I decided on a complete career change and to take the leap to terminate my employment and become self employed. The premises were found and work started on creating a haven (Cassini Beauty and Treatment Rooms) BUT it had to be right. I know what it is like to have to walk into a place which you have never been before, to meet people who you had never met before. I didn't want anyone to feel anxious about walking in to my salon. I have been to other beauty salons and feel like I had to be a certain type of person or look a certain way, but making someone feel and'or look good is for EVERYONE. There had to be aromas, there had to be spa music - all of these things help you gain the best experience from your treatment.

So many clients walk in through my salon door and comment of the smells, that as soon as they go into the treatment room they instantly feel relaxed and that they wish they could stay there longer. So hopefully I have successfully achienved my desires for you.

If you want to come for your treatment in your scruffy clothes, your pj's, without doing your hair or makeup then that is absolutely ok with us.

I would be interested to know if you have been in a similar position in your career and had a complete career change like myself or do you feel the same way about going for treatments - perhaps you have been to Cassini yourself and woudl like to share your reviews - please drop me a comment below - I would love to hear (even if on the negative side, I can learn from them)

Kerry x

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